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When I almost Gave Up

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up

Hi Dolls! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Today’s post is very different from any other posts I have ever published on Friscloset. I know many of you follow because of beautiful contents that I put together for you ladies to get look inspirations from. I have been going back and forth about starting to be more open and getting a little more personal.

Not everything in my life is all fabulous like my clothes. I also go through struggles just like everyone. That’s why I have decided to start doing more lifestyle blog posts. I want Friscloset to be an outlet where you are not only able to find outfit inspirations but also lifestyle inspirations. Please feel free to comment below or email me any topics you would want me to talk about.  With that being said, last week was a very rough week for me. I didn’t want to do anything but sleep. I found myself in a very dark place where I started questioning my career pathway. Being a fashion blogger and boutique owner of Rabecca Onassis Boutique is not easy. There is so much work behind the scenes that many don’t get to see. My loving and supportive hubby Michael and I have invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this venture and it is well worth our investments.

Last week everything sort of abruptly changed.  So here I am in a Facebook bloggers group. In this group there is fashion, food, fitness, wellness, travel, and beauty bloggers. It’s an amazing group where women help each other with questions and show support. I was going through some of the posts and some of the women in the group had posted and one post really hit a nerve in my body.

This woman was talking about how much traffic she gets on her blog, how many followers she got and how she is making more than 12k a month just blogging. Then I started to compare myself. Here I am struggling with my blog and trying to break even with my boutique. After comparing myself to this lady and before I knew it I was feeling down about myself, blog and boutique. Within a few hours I made the decision in my head that I no longer wanted to do this shit anymore. Told myself nope Fri you are not cut out for this and need to start looking for another career pathway. How can I be working my tail off every day, creating beautiful content, putting outfits together, capturing stunning pictures with professional photographers, correspondence via all social media; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Managing inventory control and modifying the website to have accurate and up-to-date numbers.

Doing all this with NO Assistant and yet I see no growth in all these things I am doing. I was OVER IT. My hands were up. The next two days I just slept and lounged around the house doing completely NOTHING. The following day I awoke and logged onto Facebook to do my daily routine of social media checkups. The memory flashback showcased a flashback with me of a picture I posted three years ago. My body literally went into shock. This was one of the many pictures that I forced my little brother Kay to take for me so that I could post it on my Instagram.

This was when I was slowly trying to get into the fashion blogging world but was yet to fully accept the title of a professional fashion blogger because I didn’t even have a website. The caption on the picture said, “When God has put a dream in your heart, don’t let anyone talk you out of it.”

I am not a very religious person but I am very spiritual. I knew this was God speaking to me by showing me how far I have come. I grew up with a very religious Mother and she still is very active in my life and remains a good part of my exposure to faith. She always used to tell my siblings and I “My God Will Never Leave You or Forsake You”.

When I was 18 years old I got this tattoo on my left arm to say “He Will Never Leave Me or Forsake Me”. Now that I am much older this verse is becoming more meaningful than ever before. All of the sudden I had so much fire in me, I was ready to set a storm in this fashion industry. Now equip with everything in my soul my outlook was changed and I was reminded of my humbling beginnings and how many things I have accomplished in a short period of time.

I went from begging my little sister and brother to take pictures of me on my phone, to now having professional talented photographers take pictures of me. Including working with talented designers whom love my work so much they provide custom pieces for me to style, also being invited personally by well know designers to attend New York Fashion Week.

Who would forget to mention that this was my third year attending NYFW. In addition, I launched my own online clothing boutique and redesigned Friscloset which I am very proud of. Wow what a journey. We all at one or two points in our lives we feel like giving up on our dreams because we feel like we are not going anywhere. Step back and go back to the place to where it all begin. Every struggle you are going through is absolutely worth it. As for myself I can’t picture myself doing anything else than what I am doing right now. God is not yet finished with me. I just have to buckle up and get ready for this awesome ride and I will bring you guys along on this journey. Don’t give up on your dreams, the best is yet to come. We are in it together.

Photographer: Michelle Terris 

Harbor Blue Stripe Paperbag Pants: Here 

White Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve Surplice Blouse: Here

Christian Louboution “So Kate” Pumps: Here

Tan Bamboo Bag: Here


xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle
  1. Miriam

    I have goosebumps, Fri. Thanks for sharing. The “Comparing and feelin less than others” part is well known by me too. And just so you know: You are a goddamn girlboss – dont let anyone ever again talk you out of this! 😉 All the best!

  2. MsChurchDress

    Wow. Thank you for the transparency. This happens to me about once a month. I just get discouraged. But weeping may endure for a night but JOY comes the morning.

    You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I met you at the John Paul Ataker show and you immediately wanted to help me. I was shocked and so impressed.

    Now I am here on your beautiful blog and I want to help you with a few words of encouragement… Everything you are doing is exceptionally done. Thank you for being you. NEVER Give up.

    Mad love and admiration.

  3. Salome munyaka

    Am in tears as a friend I has no idea you felt that way but am proud of you for bouncing back coz yes you have accomplished more than you think. You are resilient and inspirational and I just love you. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. ABIGAIL lee

    Beautiful post. Sometimes it’s difficult not to compare myself to other, more successful bloggers and get down on myself too. Your post really hits home, thanks for sharing! Keep posting because your content is great 🙂

  5. Javi

    I go through the same thing with my own blog. This was a beautiful post. Encouraging and inspiring. Thanks for sharing:) xo

  6. Kawana finley


    Honestly I came across your blog just scrolling on Instagram and the caption caught my eye. I decided to visit your blog and this story was everything I needed. I am a VERY new fashion blogger. I have no idea what I’m doing just really trying to figure things out. I just know fashion is what I love. I am so happy you told your story because new bloggers like me need it!!!!
    PS- I love you blog 🙏🏾😘😍