Seattle, Washington

How To Wear A Fedora Hat

Hi Dolls! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I have a doctors appointment in a few hours but I wanted to share this look with you lovely dolls. One of my favorite accessories this winter season is a wide brim boater. Not just any type of wide brim hat but a trumpet style handmade by Goorin Bros….

Tacoma, WA
Young Professional

Fashionable Work Outfit

Dress the way you want to be addressed. That is one of the many mottos I live by. Just because you’re a young professional doesn’t mean that you have to wear uninteresting outfits to work. I am not your typical business woman. I always dress as if I am going to meet someone of great importance….

Happy New Year Dolls! Wow, where did 2017 go? Still can’t believe that its already 2018. However, I am super excited for 2018. This year is definitely going to be LIT! Got so many things that I am looking forward to. First my Zambian bridal shower June 10th and my wedding August 31st….

Pioneer Square Seattle

There’s No Wrong Way To Holiday

When the turkey leftovers have ended and the winter breeze rolls into the Puget Sound, Michael & I have a tradition we do every year. First, we take to the city to see the festive decor throughout the streets. The adornment of Christmas trees, fresh poinsettias, and holiday lights always seems to bring so much joy….

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Seattle, Washington

The Perfect Christmas Outfit

Baby it’s cold outside but I’m not concerned, the weather outside is frightful and I am oh so delightful in this new festive floral maxi dress. Perfect for any holiday event or family gathering! A great piece keeping a classy elegance that is sure to impress the in laws. Quality materials and a full body….

Today my wife has been on this earth 9,490 days. And I am proud to say I have been able to be here for close to 1,000 of those days. She has changed my life in more ways than I can explain. But here are 26 things I think of when being thankful for her existence….