Colorblock Dress

Valentine’s Day Outfit

Hey there beautiful dolls and happy Wednesday! Valentine’s Day is just few days away. Do you have your date night outfit prepared? If you don’t here is a little date night out inspiration for you. This colorblock dress is a must have for the occasion.  The bold color blocking and wrap construction make this flowy dress a fabulous statement of vintage style….


City Sweats

Hey there beautiful dolls! Just got back from Hawaii this past Thursday and I am already regretting coming back. Mikey and I were welcomed by rain, typical Seattle weather. 
Our vacation in Hawaii was much needed. The last time I was able to hit a reset button was the day before my wedding at City Sweats….


Stitch Fix

Hello there beautiful dolls! 
How many of you have heard of Stitch Fix? I recently found out about this fantastic company a couple months back. One of my girlfriends gave me the lead.
 If you don’t know about Stitch Fix I’ll give you the skinny, it’s an online styling service that delivers a truly  personalized shopping experience,…

Seattle, WA

Spring 2019

Happy Tuesday Dolls! I am so happy to take a much needed break from moving. Mountains of boxes and racks full of clothes arrange. If you’re late to the party I’m happy to share that Mikey and I moved to downtown Seattle. The heart of Belltown. A neighborhood so enriched in everything exciting….

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Leavenworth, WA

Overcoming Fear

After an unforgettable mini vacation in Leavenworth, Washington we are finally back home. I am starting to realize that this trip was actually therapeutic for me in many ways. I am the type of person who always sticks to doing things that I am comfortable with. However, my Mikey is totally different….


Loving You

2019 I am living my life FEARLESS. A couple weeks ago I turned 27 years young. One of the many things I am working on is being comfortable in my own skin. In the last few years I have become self conscience with my body.
In the society we live now,…