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African Bridal Shower

Hello strangers!!!! Wow it has been a long time. Last time I wrote a blog post was in February. I am sure many of you know that I have been struggling with my health. That’s why I decided to take a break from blogging and just focus on my recovery and planning my wedding….

Wow I am very humbled by the immense outpouring of love that I have been receiving lately about all the new content published on our social network. In particular this pink box-pleated blazer dress. Personally I don’t think blazer dresses will ever go out of style. This light pink box pleated blazer dress reminds of when Balmain did a collaboration with H&M but on the budget….

Wow, for some strange reason I feel like this week is flying by. Perhaps it could be that I have been so saturated with work & planning our wedding.

Speaking of which our wedding next week we are doing the save-the-dates photoshoot with our favorite photographer Steve Korn. Destined for the postal service come middle of March….

I finally brought out this satin powder pink dress to play. I purchased during a retail therapy session two months ago and it just been sitting in closet waiting for an appropriate debut.

My love and I went on cute date at a local diner down the street. I decided to grab this cute little piece….

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Yayyy its Friday!!!!!! So, I have been eyeing these paper bag waist pants for some time now. I finally pulled the plug and bought them. Did I forget to mention they’re extremely comfortable…also very stylish with many different color options.

So many options of color but ultimately I selected ivory because I will be able to recycle it with different pieces in my closet….

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Floral Wrap Dress

Who’s ready for Spring Season? I don’t know about you lovely dolls but your girl is definitely ready for Spring Season. In fact I am done blogging about winter pieces. I am jumping straight into spring fashion, have to get you dolls excited and ready for spring season. Got so many fabulous spring outfits to share with you all….