Seattle, Washington
Fall Trend 2017

Plaid Pant Suit

I am sure by now you lovely dolls know that I am kind of obsessed with plaid prints this Fall season. Not to mention that you’re probably seeing it on every social media platform due to our current season showcasing Fall 2017 biggest trends.

Celebrities like Monica Brown, June Ambrose, Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid are also rocking the plaid suit look….

Since New York Fashion Week is a thing of the past I have begun shifting my focus on planning my dream wedding. Yes, wedding planning is now in full effect. Our official date is September 2nd, 2018. Needless to say I have been organizing everything.  Eleven months is not that far off when there are so many things on the list to complete….

our first marriedversary

It starts with one

It’s true what they say “Time flies when you are enjoying life” especially with your best friend and lover.

It all started
10.3.2016 my world changed. Feels like yesterday when I got home from work, walked inside our condo to only be welcomed home by the question “Do you want to get married today?” Mikey asked….

SoHo New York
When I almost Gave Up

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up

Hi Dolls! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Today’s post is very different from any other posts I have ever published on Friscloset. I know many of you follow because of beautiful contents that I put together for you ladies to get look inspirations from. I have been going back and forth about starting to be more open and getting a little more personal….

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Pioneer Square Seattle
Knitted Bell Sleeve Dress

Fall Fashion 2017

Wow, just like that and Summer 2017 is GONE. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that today is the first day of Fall. I am a little down knowing that the Summer has gone by with the such momentum but I am also excited because Fall season can bring so many exciting looks….

NoMo SoHo, NY
Visette Boutique

NYFW 2017 – Day Two

So here we are taking care of some of our last week preparations for NYFW 2017 and Mikey and I are enjoying a beautiful day in Seattle. My husband is practically a zombie until he gets his daily dose of Java. So, we ended up stopping at a local coffee shop called Victrola off Pike….