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NYFW 2017 – Day Two

So here we are taking care of some of our last week preparations for NYFW 2017 and Mikey and I are enjoying a beautiful day in Seattle. My husband is practically a zombie until he gets his daily dose of Java. So, we ended up stopping at a local coffee shop called Victrola off Pike….

Financial District, Manhattan
SGTC by Détóké

NYFW 2017 – Day One

Hooray! Today is the first day of New York Fashion Week 2017, it still feels quite surreal. I have previously attended two shows in 2015 & 2016 and each year seems to offer more and more. I am also certain that 2018 will even be more incredible.

The day starts at 6 AM….

New York
Fri and Zee Take On The Big Apple

New York Fashion Week 2017

Wow! I cannot believe we are down the last couple days before lift off.  Zaithwa (Zee) and I will be heading to New York for fashion week. As I am writing right now I still have yet to even start packing. I literary just came from my friend and couture designer Lisa Marie for my last fitting….

Fashion Trend 2017

Bamboo Handbag


Wow, this week was quite agile in its momentum. I cannot believe it is already Monday. With a blink of an eye we survived the weekend. Am I the only one who thinks these couple days go by too fast? These endeavors are always worth the struggle for this girl over here….

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Fall Fashion 2017

Floral Kimono

Happy Friday Dolls! Hope everyone had a fabulous week. I had an excellent and productive week. If you follow me on snapchat @frilancy22 than you know that I have been busy getting ready for New York Fashion 2017.

I cannot believe it is only three weeks away. It feels like just yesterday I was just getting ready for New York Fashion Week 2016….

What Should I wear For Labor Day Weekend?

What To Wear For Labor Day Weekend 2017

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! I know you’re all probably wondering why I am doing my Labor Day weekend blog post when we are only mid-August. Well the reason is many of you have already started reaching out to me about Labor Day looks and seeking advice on some inspirational looks….